General Information about Finland

Finland is three times the size of Ohio. It is heavily forested and contains thousands of lakes, numerous rivers, and extensive areas of marshland. Except for a small highland region in the extreme northwest, the country is a lowland less than 600 ft (180 m) above sea level. Off the southwest coast are the Swedish-populated �land Islands (581 sq mi; 1,505 sq km), which have had an autonomous status since 1921.

Government - Republic.

Land area: 117,942 sq mi (305,470 sq km); total area: 130,558 sq mi (338,145 sq km)

Population (2006 est.): 5,231,372 (growth rate: 0.1%); birth rate: 10.4/1000; infant mortality rate: 3.5/1000; life expectancy: 78.5; density per sq mi: 44

Capital and largest city (2003 est.): Helsinki, 1,162,900 (metro. area), 582,600 (city proper)

Other large cities: Espoo, 229,500; Tampere, 201,200; Vantaa, 189,200; Turku, 178,100

Monetary unit: Euro (formerly markka)

Languages: Finnish 92%, Swedish 6% (both official); small Sami- (Lapp) and Russian-speaking minorities

Ethnicity/race: Finn 93.4%, Swede 5.7%, Sami (Lapp) 0.1%, Roma 0.2%, Estonian 0.2%

Religions: Evangelical Lutheran 84%, Greek Orthodox 1%, other Christian 1%, none 14%.

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