Russian Women Names

Here you will find an alphabetically ordered list of popular Russian women names along with their translations and different forms such as short forms, diminutive name forms in both Russian and English languages. Diminutive names are usually used to show affection, tenderness and intimacy. Most of the time, it's close people and friends who can call women by their diminutive names.

There is a belief that person's name can tell you a lot about the personality, temper and even faith of the name holder. Few Russian women names can be translated to another language - they spell the same way as an actual word in Russian language. For example, the name Nadezhda means Hope, the name Lubov / Lyubov means Love, the name Vera means Belief. Other names have a meaning, but cannot be translated to another language. The same as a traditional English name Emma cannot be translated to Russian language.

Most Russian women names originated from Greek names.

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