Learn simple Russian phrases

If you are planning to travel to Russia, Belarus or any other of the Former Soviet Union Republics, you may benefit from learning some of the most important and commonly used Russian phrases and sentences. This guide from Russian Translation Pros is designed to provide you with a comprehensive introduction to the language, enabling you to communicate effectively and confidently with native speakers. Our experienced Russian native speakers are also available to provide more in-depth assistance and answer specific questions on our Facebook page.

The first entry in this text is an English word or phrase, the second entry is its Russian transliteration, and the third entry is its transcription. This combination of information allows for a more sophisticated understanding of the language, enabling readers to gain a better understanding of the words and phrases being presented. So, here we go:

Russian salutation and saying bye

Hi - Privet (prieve't);
Hello - Zdravstvuite (zdra'stvujte);
Good morning - Dobroe utro (Do'braje ootra);
Good afternoon - Dobryj den' (do'brij den') [Good afternoon among Russians are more used than among Americans, so don't neglect using this phrase.]
How are you? - Kak Dela? (kak dela');
I'm fine - U menja dela horosho (u mjenja' djela horosho');
Not bad - ne ploho (ni plo'ha)
Bad - ploho (plo'ha)
Glad to see you - Rad tebya videt (ra'd tibja' vee'dit');
Good bye - Do svidania (da sveeda'nija)
Bye - poka (paka') [this word is more commonly used, especially among friends.]
Good night - spokoinoi nochi (spako'inoi no'chi)

Self introduction in Russian, questions

My name is John - Menja zovut Dzhon (mjenja' zovu't John);
What is your name? - Kak tebja zovut? (ka'k tjebja' zovu't);
I'm from name of country - Ja iz name of country (ja ee'z name of country) [usually country names in Russian are pronounced the same (or almost the same) as in English language];
I speak English - Ja govoryu po angliiski (Ja gavarju' pa anglee'jski);
I can speak little Russian - Ja mogu nemnogo govorit' po-russki (ja magoo' nimno'ga gavaree't' pa rooskih);
Can you speak English? - Vy mozhete govorit' po-angliiski? (vi mo'zhiti gavaree't' pa anglee'jski);
Do you speak English? - Ti govorish po-angliiski (ti' govori'sh po angli'iski);
I'm smart, funny, kind, handsome, successful - Ja umnyi, smeshnoi, dobryj, simpatichnyj, uspeshnyj (ja oo'mnyi, smeshno'i, do'bryi, simpatee'chnyi, uspe'shnyi; [you can add/remove adjectives after 'Ja' to better fit your profile/character when introducing yourself.]
Do you understand? - Ty ponimaesh (ti paneema'esh)
How old are you? - Skolko vam (formal) tebe (informal) let (skolko vam/tebe let)
I'm _____ years old - Mne _____ let (mne ____ le't)

Basic words and phrases

YES - DA (da);
Not/No - Net (nie't);
OK - Horosho (harasho'); And (preposition) - i (ee, more like in meet);
But - No (no'h, not like in English word "No", but like in nob);
Of course - konechno (kane'shna)
Where? - gde (gde')
When? - kogda (kagda')
How? - kak (ka'k)
Why? - pochemu (pachemu')
Who? - kto (kto')
How much? - skolko (sko'lko)
I want - ja hochu (ja ha'chu)
I don't want - ja ne hochu (ja ne ha'chu)
I like - mne nravitsja (mne nra'vitsja)
I'm sorry - Ja izvinjajus' (ja izvinja'jus')
Let's go - Poidem (pajdjo'm)
I know - ja znaju (ja zna'ju)
I don't know - ja ne znaju (ja ni zna'ju)
I forgot - Ja zabyl (ja zabi'l)
Here - Vot (vo't) [when giving something to someone]

Appreciation in Russian, answers

Thank you very much - Bolshoe spasibo (balsho'je spasee'ba);
Thank you - Spasibo (spasee'ba);
You're welcome - Pozhaluista (pazha'lusta)
I really appreciate it - Ja eto ochen' tsenju (ja e'ta o'chen' tsenju')
My dear - Moja Dorogaja (moia' doroga'ia );
Sweetie - Solnyshko (so'lnishko);
Sexy - Seksualnaja [to female] (seksua'lnaja), seksualnyj [to male] (seksua'lnyj)
I love you - Ja tebja Lublu (Ja tjebja' ljublju');
Cool! - Kruto! (kru'to) [if you are to say this, Russian Women will be very amazed and surprised to hear this Russian slang word from a foreign man or a woman];
Crazy - sumasshedshaja [to female] (sumasshe'dshaja), sumasshedshij [to male] (sumasshe'dshij);
Congratulations! - Pozdravljaju - (pazdravlja'ju)
Good luck - Udachi (uda'chi)

Loving and Supporting Phrases in Russian language

Russian women, like other women around the world, will melt in your hands when you use these love phrases and sentences. These words should come from the depths of your heart, and you should truly mean them when you speak them. You can mix and match these phrases to show your beloved one your support. It has become very popular to use pet names of animals when referring to your soulmate; you can choose the one that best suits your significant other. For your convenience and ease of learning, each phrase is followed by its English equivalent and a phonetic translation of the words. Your pronunciation doesn't matter as much, since the person you address the words to will likely correct you, or find your accent very attractive, and you will see the smile on your beloved's face.

Сладенькая моя - My sweetheart - Sla'deenkaja maja;
Ангелочек мой - My angel - Angilo'chik moi';
Апельсинка моя - My orange - Apelsi'nka maja;
Белочка моя - My squirrel - Be'lachka maja;
Бельченок мой - My little squirrel - Bilcho'nok moi;
Котик мой - My cat - Ko'tik moi;
Кошечка моя - My little cat - Ko'shechka maja;
Котенок мой - My little kitty - Kotyo'nok moi;
Моя богиня - My Goddess - Maja bagee'nja;
Нежная девушка - My tender girl - Ne'zhnaja de'vushka;
Ласковая девушка - Affectionate girl - La'skavaja devushka;
Любимая девушка - Loving girl - Lyubi'maja devushka;
Сладкая ягодка - Sweet berry - Sla'dkaya ya'gadka;
Солнышко яркое - Bright sunshine - So'lnishko ja'rkaje;
Лапусик - there is no translation for this word, but it's a very cute one - Lapoo'sik;
Малышка - Babe - Mali'shka;
Рыбка моя - My little fish - Ri'bka maja;
Красавица - My beauty - Krasa'vitsa;
Девочка моя - My little girl - De'vachka maja;
Умненькая девочка - Smart girl - U'mninkaja de'vachka;
Кнопочка - Little button - Kno'pachka;
Цыпа - Little chicken - Tsi'pa;
Игривая моя - My playful girl - Eegree'vaja maja;
Сладкоешка - A person who loves eating sweets - Sladaye'shka;
Моя самая красивая девушка - My most beautiful girl - Maja' sa'maja krasee'vaja de'vushka;

You can also make up your own Russian love phrases by adding and mixing these words:

My - Моя - Maja' - you can put this pronoun in the beginning of your phrase or sentence.

And then you can use one of these adjectives that express your emotion towards the woman:

Стройная - Slim - Stro'jnaja;
Красивая - Beautiful - Krasee'vaja;
Заботливая - Caring - Zabo'tlivaja;
Очаровательная - Charming - Achirava'telnaja;
Сексуальная - Sexy - Seksua'lnaja;
Нежная - Tender - Ne'zhnaja;
Добрая - Kind - Do'braja;
Привлекательная - Attractive - Privleka'telnaja;
Милая - Darling - Mee'laja;
Умная - Smart - U'mnaja;
Неповторимая - Unique - Nipavtaree'maja;
Страстная - Hot - Stra'snaja;
Пушистая - Bushy - Pushee'staja;
Веселая - Cheerful - Visyo'laja;
Романтичная - Romantic - Ramantee'chnaja;
Единственная - The only one - Yedee'nstvenaja;
Желанная - Desirable - Zhila'naja;
Лучшая - The best - Lu'chshaja;
Скромная - Decent - Skro'mnaja;
Сладенькая - Sweet - Sla'dinkaja;
Улыбчивая - Smiling - Uli'bchivaja;
Ароматная - Sweet-scented - Arama'tnaja;
Игривая - Playful - Igree'vaja;
Любимая - Beloved - Lubee'maja;
Дорогая - Dear - Daraga'ja;

The list can go on and on, there are so many nice, loving and tender words that you can name your woman...

And at the end you can add a noun for your beloved woman:

Девушка - Girl or Girlfriend - De'vushka;
Женщина - Woman - Zhe'nshina;
Девочка - Little girl - De'vachka;
Красавица - Beauty - Krasa'vitsa;
Умница - Clever girl - U'mnitsa;
Подруга - Girlfriend - Padroo'ga;
Солнышко - Sunshine - Solnishko;

So, if you want to say 'My dear woman' - you would put it like: Моя дорогая женщина.