Professional Russian Translation and Interpretation in Los Angeles, California

If you require Russian translation for technology, medical/pharmaceutical, legal, entertainment or some other sector, we have local, experienced native Russian linguists to help you with fast and professional services. Our translators often work in the same fields for which they translate - making them valuable assets in the areas of finance, law, media production, healthcare, and transportation.

Driven by the fuel of international trade and supported by the thriving Hollywood entertainment industry, Los Angeles is home to the largest manufacturing hub in the Western U.S. Whether it's petroleum, aerospace, fashion or some other industry, if it's important to the U.S. economy, you can find it in Los Angeles.

Another thing you'll find in Los Angeles is roughly 16 percent of the 3 million Russian-Americans living in the U.S. - making it one of the most densely populated Russian areas in the country. This only increases the need for translation professionals to help with the daily lives of people as they navigate their way through doctor's appointments, DMV visits, immigration hearings, and other English-based realities of life in America.

When it comes to professional translation in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, Russian Translation Pros is the go-to team for Russian, Ukrainian, and English language translations. Our L.A.-based translators and interpreters give you the most accurate and reliable translations to meet the varying needs of Russian and Ukrainian language speakers in the area - no matter what setting or the subject matter at-hand.

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Medical/ Pharmaceutical Translation and Interpretation

From intake and application forms and medical histories, to the explanation of invasive medical procedures, we provide medical institutions in Los Angeles with Russian translation and interpretation on an ongoing basis.

Medical centers call on us to provide medical interpreter service to avoid any miscommunication.

Having accurate medical information is vital to the health and safety of individuals. When medical documents such as prescriptions, diagnoses, insurance information require translating between English and Russian, there is no room for error and the medical translator must be extremely fluent in both languages as well as modern-day medical and pharmaceutical terms.

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Also, because there are so many Russian language speakers in Los Angeles, it may be necessary to have a translator on-hand during a doctor's visit to ensure the patient and doctor both understand exactly what is being communicated. It's this type of assurance that can only be provided by a true professional interpreter. At Russian Translation Pros, we have experts available for medical translation in all its forms.

Our Russian English medical translators can help your medical center with:

  • Interpretation and translation to obtain medical histories and information about previous medical procedures to patients
  • Explaining hospital policies and procedures
  • Relaying post-op instructions to patients in their native language
  • Working alongside medical staff to communicate with patients by answering phones, calling patients, data entry and appointment scheduling

When pharmaceutical company of Santa Monica, CA needed a professional translator familiar with highly technical and medical terms, they turned to Russian Translation Pros. Our translator was able to take the company's marketing and information brochures and determine the right terminology for use in the Russian market. Terms such as "Quantitative and Qualitative Analytical Capabilities" had to be carefully translated to ensure the Russian market fully-understood what the company was trying to convey. Adobe Illustrator CS5 was used during the translation process.

Russian Translation Pros' team of medical translators and interpreters are knowledgeable when it comes to pharmacological science, product licensing and patents/manuals, biochemical research, and other areas of drug development.

They're also translation experts when it comes to topics such as anesthesia, biostatistics, cardiology, dentistry, diagnostics, endoscopy, endocrinology, toxicology and general medial topics.

Russian English Interpretation Services

Interpretation is a word that is often misused in today's language. A true Russian-English interpreter will take a message or statement from a person or source in one language (i.e.: Russian) and render that message into another language (i.e.: English) for a second person to understand. Our Russian English interpreters are careful to use appropriate words and tone to convey the same/appropriate meaning and emotion of the original statement.

From legal ramifications to financial implications, it's imperative that you have an interpreter who has a thorough understanding of American and Russian culture - especially in the diverse Los Angeles area.

Our professional Russian interpreters can perform both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. During Russian English simultaneous interpretation the interpreter repeats the speaker's message in the destination-language as fast as he or she can while maintaining accuracy and speed. When the person interprets consecutively, the interpreter waits until the source language speaker has finished a phrase or segment before interpreting. The speech is divided into manageable segments, and the interpreter positions him/herself next to the originating speaker to listen, take notes and interpret.

We provide different types of interpretation services: whispered, relay, liaison interpreting, as well as conference, judicial, escort, and medical interpretation.

Our interpreters have technical experience in many areas, including automotive codes and standards used in the automotive engineering field. Our people also have experience in other areas of technology - including manufacturing, oil and gas, telecommunications, information technology, computers and hardware and other areas that require a thorough knowledge of the Russian or English language content at-hand.

If your Russian speaking clients are flying into LAX and require a Russian interpreter, our company representatives can meet them at the airport and provide with an escort interpreting services daily for the duration of their stay in California.

It's our job to facilitate communication between you and your audiences. For that to happen you need someone who goes above and beyond word-by-word translation. You want someone immersed in his or her ability to analyze and process information quickly and efficiently - and in a way that will precisely communicate your message to and from both Russian and English.

Los Angeles Legal Translation

When it comes to translation and interpretation for legal matters, accuracy and professionalism are of great importance. One incorrectly translated word can have huge consequences for many parties. That's why we're called upon to supply legal translation and interpretation services to and from Russian - because we maintain the most professional and experienced people in the greater LA area. We have interpreters and translators who hold the following certifications/memberships: California certified court interpreter, Certified American Translators Association, CHIA and NAJIT memberships.

We've provided services for many firms and lawyers and entertainment agencies. No matter the subject matter or timeline, our team is able to work on tight deadlines on everything from legal contracts to in-court translation and interpretation. Our team is always professional, accurate and reliable - even under the high-pressure environment that can come in some legal situations.

With a long history of practicing expert immigration law and legal advice, ALG Lawyers of Los Angeles has a reputation of being one of the top immigration law firms in the area. As part of serving the immigration law needs of its clients, ALG Lawyers needed letters, articles, websites and other documents translated between Russian and English for their clients. They turned to the legal translation experts at Russian Translation Pros in Los Angeles to provide accurate and affordable translation services.

Based in the Westwood area of Los Angeles, California, the legal team of Trope & DeCarolis has been helping clients with legal matters such as family law, divorce and child custody. With such a large concentration of Russian-language speakers, the law team at Trope & DeCarolis has called on Russian Translation Pros to help clients understand legal documents, participate in court proceedings and assess the needs of new/incoming clients all across Los Angeles County.

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Our translators, interpreters, and experience in Los Angeles

We are very thorough when it comes to the selection of our people. We require superior reading, writing and verbal skills in BOTH Russian and English. For most non-specialized assignments, we require only general knowledge of business, scientific reports, technical and legal topics. For more specialized assignments in the areas of law, science, medicine, and business, we hand-pick only the most knowledgeable linguists who are intimate with the subject matter and who can accurately translate or interpret between Russian and English.

Many of our trusted Russian translators and interpreters have experience as professors, lecturers, research assistants and other educational roles. Some are Russian nationals who have been educated at state universities in Russia before they made their way to Los Angeles to pursue their various careers. These careers often include finance and accounting, healthcare and pharmaceutical related careers and manufacturing.

Russian Translation Pros were called upon by Rentech, Inc., a Los-Angeles based technology developer. The company creates technology for the production of certified synthetic fuels and renewable power when integrated with certain other technology.

Located on Wilshire Blvd., near the UCLA campus, Rentech called upon Russian Translation Pros to facilitate a meeting between the Director of Business Development and a Russian-speaking client. And while the client did speak some English - having an interpreter on-hand eliminated any awkward time spent trying to communicate.

We provided a Russian interpreter with technical expertise for Cosasco located in Santa Fe Springs, which is a city in Los Angeles County. Rohrback Cosasco Systems (RCS) is the world leader in corrosion monitoring technology.

We were called upon by Harbour Realty Partners LLC of Santa Barbara to translate a document that summarized details about the company. The document contained many industry-specific terms and abbreviations, such as GDP, NOI, BRAC-beneficiary, REIT, IRR, etc. We sent a translator who has lengthy experience with this type of content and they were able to translate everything flawlessly for the client.

One of the less 'mainstream' translation jobs our team has worked on was for the Classical Concert Chamber Orchestra - a 35 member ensemble that has performed their music for audiences around the world. We were called upon to translate for Ashot Tigranyan, founder and music director of the orchestra. Mr. Tigranyan and his manager were so impressed with the skills of our translator that Mr. Tigranyan's manager said "Thank you, Tim, for your great service! I will recommend your service to others...even your competition!"

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