Translation of Audio and Video from Russian and Ukrainian

Russian Translation Pros welcomes you to our complete range of Russian transcription and translation services. We are the reliable choice for converting speech from an audio or a video into text through our comprehensive transcription and translation service.

We have an extensive experience working with small and large companies and individuals on translation of audiovisual materials. For example, one of our assignments was to translate a video from Russian to English for a documentary production company - Kurtis Productions, which asked us to translate several videos for use in their series American Greed. We also assisted a major motion picture company, which interviewed Mikhail Gorbachev, the former leader of the Soviet Union. We can boast about providing translation for a documentary program entitled Facing Putin, which aired on the National Geographic Channel in 2016.

We have professional medical, legal and technical translators and transcriptionists ready to handle your job in a professional and timely manner. Our language professionals are native Russian speakers.

We guarantee that your digital material and all your personal information will be kept confidential.

We support all common audio and video formats currently in use: avi, mp3, aiff, wav, mpeg-2, mov, m4v, mp4, vob, etc.

During the audio translation process, we will frequently make note of the time codes (time stamps) from your submitted file so that you can easily follow along with the text.

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  • Common Russian-English transcription include:

    • Classroom or seminar lecture
    • Conference, business meeting, training, or press conference
    • Telephone recording and Skype conversation for legal purposes
    • Recorded investigation material
    • TV show, movie, documentary film, newscast

How our Russian Transcriptionists Work

As soon as we receive a video or audio file from you for translation, we will review it using our high-quality hearing devices to make sure that every word is recorded. We will catch every detail of the speech and make note of every sigh and facial expression.

Then, the transcribed text will be passed on to an editor for a quality review. Our transcription editor will make sure that the text is clear and in the correct format.

A professional translator will then translate the document. At this point, we will send you the following: a transcription and translation of your material in the format of your choice.

If you need a certified copy of the transcription and translation, we will be happy to provide you with a certified and notarized document at your request.

The pricing for the service depends on the number of minutes and difficulty of the language used in your original file.

Russian English Audio Transcription Sample

Our team of linguists worked for a History Channel documentary series. We translated Green Screen videos from Russian to English and transcribed following the timecode provided. You can see the sample of our work below:


Q: So this interview with Bill 'not William' Bobrovsky.

Bill: [laughing]

01:00:26 Q: Okay, Bill. Can you tell us... I mean we're going to... we're talking about Turkmenistan, but first of all can you tell me just a little bit about your training, I mean how you joined the Army, how you joined up, how you ended up joining the Army and ultimately going to North Africa.

01:01:34 Bill: Well, I joined voluntarily in 1949, [clearing throat] and we didn't do ... debanded the 10th Field Artillery, which was uh form in 1868 and still operating today. Oh, then in 1947, they took... debanded the Field Artillery as the nucleus to start.

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