Russian Letter Translation Services

At Russian Translation Pros, we offer professional Russian translation services of both personal and business correspondence. We pride ourselves on both our accuracy and our fast turnaround time - and can typically deliver a personal letter translated in under 5 hours, depending on the complexity and length of the email to be translated.

The translation of letters (emails) and correspondence is a specialty field that requires a strict attention to detail and competence in both the origin and target languages. Translators in this field must pay complete attention to every nuance while being able to maintain total confidentiality.

Our rates start from 10 cents per word for a personal letter translation.

Translating handwritten text

We have experienced transcribers of Russian handwritten texts for both old and modern Russian language. Our translators always try to recognize and translate almost all of cursive text even when it seems not legible to other Russian speaking linguists. Since 2007, we have transcribed and translated all kinds of old Russian documents, such as birth and marriage certificates (most of them dated 19th century and some early 20th century), handwritten greeting cards and letters, ancestry books and diaries.

When translating letters from English to Russian or Ukrainian, it is essential to preserve the style and context of the source text, including the email's overall mood and tone, to make sure the text is read and perceived correctly by the recipient. Unlike other texts, where the main purpose is to be narrative, the purpose of a letter is to convey greater meaning and intent.

Translating business correspondence

In today's economy, businesses are emerging and expanding at a growing rate - making it more likely that companies will operate between countries of differing languages. Entry into these new, foreign markets typically involves establishing contacts and relationships between people of differing languages. These businesses need a way to communicate efficiently, accurately and effectively in order to build successful relationships. We have helped other companies establish themselves by bridging the language gap through expert translations.

A proper translation of business letters solves one main problem: it informs the recipient of what you wanted to tell him or her with the same tone and emotion that was in the original text. We guarantee your original tone and intent will be carried into each and every translation regardless of the peculiarities or regional distinctions - such as the difference between various forms of English.

Not only do our translation professionals have great competency in Russian and English, they have also mastered the use of common phrases that are typically used in the business world. Additionally, our translators can handle the translation of cultural characteristics between the countries of both languages. Our Russian linguists also have an excellent understanding and grasp of business letter style.

Translating personal correspondence

Personal letters are essentially the written form of a face-to-face conversation. A personal email is meant to reflect the emotional intent of what takes place during in-person communication when face-to-face conversations aren't possible. This places great responsibility on the translator, as he or she must not only translate words and phrases, but also intention, emotion and other language nuances such as sarcasm, humor and wit.

Personal correspondence can be a significant part of a person's communication. If your email needs to be translated in a way that requires complete accuracy and authenticity, our Russian translation agency has experts who can help. We understand that letters sent to friends, family and other contacts are often written with great meaning and intent. The task of a Russian-English translator is to ensure the style and mood of the email are maintained, and we are careful to select only the most accurate words and phrases to maintain fidelity throughout the entire translation. If your letter is of a very personal and confidential nature, our translators are comfortable with signing a non-disclosure agreement prior to translation - acting as your invisible link to ensure your important communication is as effective in Russian, English or Ukrainian languages.

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