Russian History in brief

Russian History includes a many stages: East Slavs, Rus' Khaganate, Khazars, Kievan Rus', Vladimir-Suzdal, Novgorod Republic, Volga Bulgaria Mongol invasion, Golden Horde, Muscovy, Khanate of Kazan, Tsardom of Russia, Russian Empire, Russian Revolution, Civil War, Soviet Union, and Russian Federation. The history of Russia begins with the East Slavs. They were an ethnic group. Eventually the group split into the Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians.

The first East Slavic state was Kievan Rus'. It adopted Christianity. A combination of Christianity from Byzantine and Slavic cultures formed a today's Russian Culture. In 13th century Moscow became a cultural center.

In 18th century, Moscow became to expand its territory from Poland on the East to the Pacific Ocean. In 19th century reform and repression took place.

The Russian Revolution of 1917 began because of economic breakdown, war, and people's discontent of tsar autocracy. The coalition of Bolsheviks was formed. In 1922 the history of Soviet Union began. Soviet Union included 15 Soviet Union Republics. In 1991 the USSR was gone.

Nowadays Russia in its new history period.

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