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  • Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation
  • Conference interpreting
  • Asylum and immigration interviews
  • Interpretation during medical appointments
  • Court certified interpretation
  • Interpretation for depositions, mediations
  • Interpreters for entertainment and film industry

We have the knowledge and experience in all aspects of the interpretation industry in Los Angeles. Our professional Russian interpreters specialize in the areas of immigration, finance, law, entertainment, media production, healthcare, and transportation. Our Los Angeles local interpreters often work in the same fields for which they interpret - making them valuable assets during financial and technical conferences, medical appointments, seminars, business meetings, court trials, depositions, and much more. It's imperative that you have an interpreter who has a thorough understanding of American and Russian cultures - especially in the diverse Los Angeles area. Some of our interpreters are certified by American Translators Association and some hold a California Court Certification.

Where in LA?

We work in and around L.A., including the following districts and neighbourhoods: Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Torrance, Hollywood, Pasadena, Marina Del Rey, Malibu, Glendale, Long Beach, Sherman Oaks.

Los Angeles is the second most densely populated Russian-speaking city in the United States. This only increases the need for language professionals to help with the daily lives of people as they navigate their way through doctor's appointments, DMV visits, immigration interviews, and other realities of life in America. We are proud that we are making a significant impact on lives of those we serve for.

What is interpretation?

Interpretation is a word that is often misused in today's language. A true interpreter will take a message or statement from a person or source in one language and render that message into another language for a second person to understand. Our Russian interpreters are careful to use appropriate words to convey the same meaning of the original statement.

We can perform both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. During simultaneous interpretation the interpreter repeats the speaker's message in the destination-language as fast as he or she can while maintaining accuracy and speed. When the person interprets consecutively, the interpreter waits until the source language speaker has finished a phrase or segment before interpreting. The speech is divided into manageable segments, and the interpreter positions him/herself next to the originating speaker to listen, take notes and interpret.

We provide different types of interpretation services.

Our asks

We are very thorough when it comes to the selection of our people. We require from interpreters superior language skills, professional conduct and positive ethical behavior. For specialized assignments in the areas of law, science, medicine, and business, we hand-pick only the most knowledgeable linguists who are intimate with the subject matter and who can accurately interpret between Russian and English languages.

It's our job to facilitate communication between you and your audiences. For that to happen you need someone who goes above and beyond word-by-word translation. You want someone immersed in his or her ability to analyze and process information quickly and efficiently - and in a way that will precisely communicate your message.

Our Russian interpreters have technical experience in many areas, including manufacturing, oil and gas, telecommunications, information technology, and computers.

What else?

Our company is flexible and open to various language-related assignments.

If your Russian speaking clients are flying into LAX airport and require a Russian interpreter, our company representatives can meet them at the airport and provide with an escort interpreting service daily for the duration of their stay in Los Angeles.

It may be necessary to have an interpreter on-hand during a doctor's visit to ensure the patient and doctor both understand exactly what is being communicated. It's this type of assurance that can only be provided by a true professional medical interpreter. At Russian Translation Pros, we have experts available for medical translation in all its forms.

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They loved us!

Our clients loved us for providing accurate interpretation, exceptional customer service and support. Check out what we've done for them so far.

In July of 2014, our agency had an opportunity to work with the project "Jameson First Shot", founded and originated by an Oscar winning actor Kevin Spacey. Within this project, talented film craftsmen from Russia, USA and South Africa get a "first shot" in the film industry by having their short film produced by the award-winning Trigger Street Productions whilst directing an A-list actor in the lead role.

On July 26, the winner from Russia together with Kevin Spacey and Uma Thurman met with Russian journalists in the historic Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard, in the very heart of Hollywood. One of our Russian interpreters provided her services at that meeting.

We worked with Showtime Networks Inc., which required a Russian/English interpreter to accompany their executives to a series of events and meetings. Showtime Networks Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CBS Corporation and owns and operates the premium television programming seen on Showtime. The company is located in Los Angeles on Wilshire Blvd.

Russian Translation Pros were called upon by Rentech, Inc., a Los Angeles-based technology developer. The company creates technology for the production of certified synthetic fuels and renewable power when integrated with certain other technology.

Located on Wilshire Blvd., near the UCLA campus, Rentech called us to facilitate a meeting between the Director of Business Development and a Russian-speaking client. And while the client did speak some English - having an interpreter on-hand eliminated any awkward time spent trying to communicate.

We provided a Russian interpreter with technical expertise for Cosasco located in Santa Fe Springs, which is a city in Los Angeles County. Rohrback Cosasco Systems (RCS) is the world leader in corrosion monitoring technology.

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