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At Russian Translation Pros, we will take all the hassle out of obtaining an Apostille for your translated documents. When you choose our professional apostille service, you can rest assured that you are getting a quick and reliable service at a fraction of the cost of other professional companies. Our Apostille will be issued in the state of Illinois. We are putting apostilles on our notarized translations. Usually, countries like Belarus require an apostille on an already-translated document. That is why, after providing you with a certified and notarized translation, we can obtain an Apostille for your document.

Please note that an apostille can only be attached to a notarized document, such as a notarized translation or an original document like a birth, marriage, divorce certificate.

If you choose us to submit the document to the Illinois Secretary of State, you can rest assured that it will be successfully processed with the correct wording for the notary statement.

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What is an Apostille

Simply put, an apostille is an important one-page piece of paper that is attached to a document for foreign use. It can be issued by the Department of State or the Secretary of State, depending on the type of document being submitted. Some sources suggest that an apostille authenticates the signatures of officials on public documents, such as birth/marriage/divorce certificates, court orders, etc. In other words, official documents will not be accepted in foreign countries without an apostille.

Please note that an Apostille must be put on the document first, and then both the Apostille and the document itself must be submitted for a certified translation.

Where to get an Apostille?

You can obtain it at your local Secretary of State's office or the Department of State. In order to put an Apostille on a document issued by one of the states, you must contact the office of the Secretary of State of that particular state. For example, if your documents were issued in the state of Washington, and you moved to another state for any reason, then you still have to submit your document to the secretary of state of Washington. Fortunately, everything can be done by mail.

You need to remember that a document must be notarized or legalized before sending it for an Apostille. It is very important that all notarizations must contain the proper notary certificate wording, which can be taken from the Notary Public Handbook. The wording must be written by the notary and in English so that it can be read and understood.

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